Much thanks to the media and broadcast teams

Nobody deserves more thanks than our media and broadcast teams for all of their hard work this season. Both of these groups dedicated hundreds of hours this summer, and the organization would not be where it is today without their help.

The media team was responsible for stadium music, official statistics, public address announcements and scoreboard operation for the team’s 26 home games at Fraser. Meanwhile, the broadcast team ran a four-camera operation for each and every home game while also managing switchboard maintenance, television graphics and audio adjustment.

BROADCAST TEAM (From left to right): Gwen McCormick, Max Hooley, Dave Riley, broadcaster Roei Biberstain, Nick Peck, Shawn Hansen, and Demetrios Kritikos. Not pictured: Jeff Dearman, John Heinstadt, and Jason Taravella.

MEDIA TEAM (From left to right): Danny Nunn, Jason Titelbaum, Joe Gill, Michael Ghika, Mike Ternullo and Steven Gross. Not pictured: Craig Kaufman.


One Response to Much thanks to the media and broadcast teams

  1. I just want to thank Michael and everyone else involved for another great summer. You folks did an incredible job, keeping us informed on line and I enjoyed every single post. Your work, effort and time was most appreciated. We’ll see you again in the summer of 2012! 🙂

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