Programming Notes: Today’s Broadcast Information

Due to last night’s suspension, both games will be played today at Fraser Field in Lynn.

…of course, sanford will still be the “home” team in game one, batting in the last half of each inning and wearing their home uniforms…

Game One

Audio coverage of the game begins at 3:25 P.M., five minutes prior to the first pitch of the resumed game.  Unfortunately, no video coverage will be available of game one.

…naturally, nobody expected baseball early today, so our camera crew will not be arriving until game two…

You can listen to the completion of game one through Teamline or YouCastr!

Between Games

Stay tuned on Teamline and YouCastr, as we will have interviews with players and coaches in between the first game and second game!

Game Two

The second game of the Quarterfinals begins at 7:00 P.M. tonight, with Jason Markovitz (4-1, 2.57) taking the hill for North Shore and Ken Monteith (2-1, 1.41) getting the ball for Sanford.

Audio and video coverage begins at 7:00 P.M.  The audio can be found on both Teamline and YouCastr, while the video will only be available through Teamline.

If you are a local fan, game two can be found on LynnCamTV through cable access programming on both Comcast and Verizon.

…we look forward to having you with us today as the navigators hope to advance to the semifinals of the 2009 necbl playoffs…

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