inGame: Quarter Finals: Game Two

Game Two: Sanford @ North Shore

NS: Jason Markovitz (4-1, 2.57)

SAN: Ken Monteith (2-1, 1.41)

Top 1

– Micowski bats leads off for the Mainers.

-Micowski grounds out. (1 out)

-Matt Marra bats for Sanford.

-Marra strikes out swinging. (2 outs)

-Mike Roth bats.

-Roth goes down on strikes.

Bottom 1

– Tre Dennis stands in for the Navigators.

– Dennis beats out a bunt single. (man on first, 0 outs)

-Mike Lebel bats. (pass ball moves Dennis to 2nd)

-Lebel singles on a bloop to right center. (man on first and second, 0 outs)

-Pat Brady singles to center to load the bases (0 outs)

-Ben Waldrip bats.

– Waldrip knocks in Dennis on his sacrifice fly to center. (1-0 North Shore, 1 out)

-Kent Graham bats.

-Graham doubles knocking in a pair. (3-0 North Shore, 1 out)

-Mike Dowd grounds out to short. (2 outs, Graham on second)

-Marquis fouled out to first

Top 2

-Dylan Pratt reaches on an infield single.

– Corey Thompson flies out to center. (1 out, Pratt on first)

-Tucker Nathans walks.

-Duvall fouls out to first. (2 outs)

-Bob Stumpo bats with 2 outs, Thompson on first, Pratt on second.

– Stumpo strikes out.

Bottom 2

– Ruehlman leads it off for North Shore.

– Ruehlman grounds out for the first out.

-Josh Band stands in (1 out)

-Band reaches on a single to left.

-Dennis now will bat, he singled and scored in his last at-bat.

(Band steals second)

-Dennis strikes out. (2 outs)

-Lebel bats.

-Lebel reaches on a single, men on the corners. (2 outs)

-Brady grounds into a fielders choice to retire the side.

Top 3

– Matthews bats for the Mainers.

-Matthews flies out to right. (1 out)

– Micowski strikes out. (2 outs)

-Marra doubles to deep left.

– Roth grounds out.

Bottom 3 (Navigators lead 3-0)

-Waldrip walks. (man on first, 0 outs)

-Graham flies out to left. (1 out)

– Dowd flies out to right fielder

(Waldrip gets doubled up to end the inning)

Top 4 (Navs lead 3-0)

-Dylan Pratt leads it off and flies out to the catcher. (1 out)

– Thompson singles to right.

-Nathans walked.

-Duvall flew out.

– Stumpo grounds to Brady who goes to second for the force out.

Bottom 4 (Navs lead 3-0)

– Marquis flies out to second. (1 out)

-Ruehlman flied to right.

-Band flied to right.

Top 5

– Matthews grounded out to second.

-Micowski homers to right. (Navs lead 3-1)

-Marra flies out to center.

-Roth singles.

-Pratt walked.

-Thompson singles and knocks in a run. (Navs lead 3-2)

**New Pitcher**

(Jim Schult will now pitch for the Navigators)

-Tucker Nathans strikes out looking to retire the Mainers.

Bottom 5 (Navs lead 3-2)

– Tre Dennis flies out to right (1 out)

– Mike Lebel walks on four pitches.

-Pat Brady pops out to first.

-Waldrip flies to the shortstop to end the inning.

Top 6 (Navs lead 3-2)

– Duvall gives it a ride to left but Ruehlman is there to make the catch. (1 out)

– Stumpo singles to center.

– Matthews grounds out to third.

-Micowski grounds out to second.

Bottom 6 (Navs lead 3-2)

– Graham struck out swinging.

-Dowd strikes out swinging.

– Marquis flied to right to end the inning.

Top 7 (Navs lead 3-2)

– Marra pops out to second.

-Roth doubles to left. (1 out)

-Pratt strikes out. (2 outs)

– Thompson flies out to center.

Bottom 7 (Navs lead 3-2)

– Ruehlman flies to center.

-Band strikes out.

-Dennis flies out to left.

Top 8 (Navs leading 3-2)

**Matt Lewis is the new pitcher**

-Nathans walks.

**Ethan Wilson pinch ran for Nathans**

-Duval sacrifice bunt to the pitcher. (1 out)

**New pitcher**

(Garret Smith will now pitch for the Navigators)

Smith works out of the jam and retires the Mainers.

Bottom 8 (Navs lead 3-2)

**New Pitcher for Sanford**

(Neil Holland is now pitching for the Mainers)

– Leading off is Mike Lebel who strikes out swinging.

-Pat Brady fists a single into left. (1 out)

-Waldrip will bat.

(Brady steals second)

-Waldrip grounds out to first, Brady advances to third.

-Kent Graham strikes out swinging.

Top 9 (Navs lead 3-2)

**New Pitcher**

(Chris Kowalski will now pitch for the Navigators)

Sanford will have the 1,2,3 hitters coming up in the 9th.

-Micowski leads off for Sanford

– Micowski grounds out to short. (1 out)

– Marra called strike three. (2 outs)

– Roth grounds out to second. (3 outs)


Navigators    3

Mainers         2


The Navigators will play the deciding game in Sanford tommorow night at 6:35pm.

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