News: We Have Arrived in Newport… Safely

The Navigators are now taking batting practice at Cardines Field in Newport, Rhode Island.  Getting to the ballpark, however, was not quite as easy as it typically is.

We were about to cross the Pell Bridge (pictured), which is about 2 miles away from the ballpark, when the bus stopped running.  We pulled over to the side of the road, where the bus driver departed to disagnose the problem.  He determined that the gas pump was not working properly and informed us that we did not have a reserve.  However, he was able to begin to start the bus from the back by manually starting the pump.

…this is the part where mike gallo decided to try and rev the engine, and potentially earn a new responsibility on the team — as bus driver…

Gallo Driving Bus

As the bus driver continued to try new remedies to fix the bus, the team became restless.  Some stayed on the bus and hung out, but the lack of air conditioning quickly wore down the team.  As a result, they resorted to some outdoors activities…

Gallo and Brady HitchHiking

Some of our players were not quite as resourceful as Patrick Brady and Mike Gallo…

Side of Road

Finally, the bus driver heroically started us up and we were able to get over the bridge after a delay of nearly an hour.

…but we’re not done…

The bus DID get over the bridge, ensuring that our lives would not be lost today.  However, the bus broke down as soon as we got off at the Newport exit over the bridge.  What else were we to do but walk the final mile to Cardines Field?


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